Sunday, October 30, 2011

Smiles, babbles and rolls oh my!

Since last month Ava has started to smile much easier, tell great babble stories and is now able to roll from her back to her tummy!
It is so fun and amazing to watch her grow and change!

October was a busy month filled with a few "firsts." we took our first road trip as a family of 3 (plus one very generous aunt!) to Rochester to see uncle Joe and Aunt Meredith get married. Ava slept the whole way there and home! Despite being away from home and having to take a bottle she was pretty well behaved for her aunt Chrissy :)

Sleepy Ava on the way to Rochester

Family Picture before the Rehearsal dinner

Mommy and Ava before the Wedding

Another first this month was Ava's first time getting her picture taken at Sears. We decided that we want to get professional pics done every 3 months until she is 1 so I took her for the first time on her 3 month birthday! She did much better then I thought and I was able to order a couple good ones :)

Surprisingly Ava saw snow for the first time this month too! We spent the snowy days inside doing lots of eating and sleeping! But we did look out the window a few times :)

Overall October was a great month!

I will leave you with  a video I took.  I thought it was cool that you can hear a commercial in the background :)

Monday, October 3, 2011


Here are a bunch of pictures from the last 2 months! Enjoy!
Our first family picture :)

Ava and Papa in the hospital...He is her hero

Ava and Auntie Channy in the hospital. 

The Smith family with Ava in the hospital


Grandpa and Ava in the hospital

Aunt Sara and Ava

Nana and Grandpa with Ava

Sleepy Daddy and Sleepy Ava

Sleepy Mommy and Sleepy Ava LOL 

Uncle Joe and Ava the first week she was home

Grandma and Ava at 1 week old

First Tubby! Ava was not a fan!

Ava with her cousin Lexie

I love this picture of my Dad and Ava :)

Our sleeping beauty :)

Ava with our friend Dan

1 month old! 

Susan comes to see Ava...Ava loved her

Ava's first playdate with Zade and Ela

Ava loves her daddy! 

Playdate with the Hanson twins

Ava Meets Lauren for the first time! They will be best buds just like their  mommies are !

AW :)

Smiles for Mommy :) 
2 Months old

Things I never knew...until I had a baby

Being a Mom is amazing but having a little one definitely taught me a few things...

1. I now know that I NEVER knew what tired was....Ava is not a great sleeper! so, I now now what tired is!! haha! Now that she is 2 months it is starting to get a little easier at night but wow! Sleeping in a glider rocker was tough for 2 months!

2. I never knew I could love Jeremy more than I did before Ava but...seeing him with her and the way he helped me in the first couple months has made me realize what an amazing husband he is! I am so grateful!

3. breastfeeding is pretty amazing. Before I got pregnant I always said I would never breastfeed. Something made me change my mind when I was pregnant and I am so glad I did. Don't get me was a little challenging at first but, I am SO glad that I stuck with it. It is pretty amazing that I can provide for Ava the way I have and that it is because of my milk that she has the chubby cheeks she has now :)

4. There are very few things in life that are better then seeing your child smile at you for the first time and every time after that! It is so awesome!!!

and finally....(for now)

5. I am very lucky to have family and friends around who support me! I am so lucky to have my friends Wendy and Laura who both had babies right around the same time that I had Ava, my best friend Chantel who has been so good to me with texting me everyday to check in! and my sisters and parents to spend time with when Ava and I need to get out of the house! :)

These are just a few things I have learned so far...I know that I will learn so much more along the way and I can't wait! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome to the world Ava Ann

Ok so, I'm not off to a very good start with this blogging thing! :) Ava is 2 months old and I am just now getting to post about her arrival.

Ava Ann DeLaBruere was born on Saturday July 23, 2011 at 12:48pm
Weight: 7lbs 12oz Length: 21inches

Mommy waiting to be induced! 

The first time I held my precious baby girl
Mommy loves you so much!

Daddy was so in love the minute he saw Ava. 

This is one of my favorite pictures! It melts my heart to see Daddy and Ava together

Sleepy baby 
Her birth was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced! It still chokes me up to think that Jeremy and I made her and she was inside of me for 9 months. It is such a miracle! I am grateful every day to have a healthy little girl. My life will never be the same. :)