Friday, December 9, 2011

Things I never knew...continued

Ava will be 5 months old this month! It is really crazy and kind of scary just how fast these last 5 months have gone. As I expected I continue to learn new things everyday since I became a mom.  Here are a few more things that I never knew until I was a mom...

6. I always have known that I am a pretty selfless person however; it is a whole new thing to give/do anything for your child. Even on my worst days and when I am feeling extremely exhausted as soon as I look at Ava I get a whole new sense of energy and am able to do whatever it takes to keep her happy!

7. My mother is a pretty amazing person! I give her so much credit for the job she did raising me and my siblings. She was a stay at home mom who did so much on her own! I now know just how hard that can be!

8. Going out to dinner and shopping are luxuries! Ava does not like going out!! I never knew how much I should have appreciated Saturday's with Jeremy shopping and having a meal out :)

9. Play dates are so fun! We have had such an awesome time having play dates with Zade, Ella, Peyton, Ashton and of course cousin Brayden while I have been on maternity leave.

10. Stay at home moms are SO lucky! I would love to be able to stay at home with Ava and not have to work however; I feel very lucky to be a teacher and to have summers off! :)

I will leave you with a little slide show... Enjoy :)