Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A little of this and a little of that!

June 12, 2012

I was doing SO good writing regularly...for a couple weeks anyway :) The past couple of weeks have been pretty great for us! This past month Jeremy and I have seen such a change in Ava. She is really developing such a great little personality.
Here is some recent info about our Ava Bean :)
"reading" books
  Watching and listening to Barney
   Balls (loves saying this too)
   Playing with my phone
   Playing chase
   Cheese, Peas, Watermelon and Ritz crackers
   Taking walks in her stroller
   Kitty Cats
   Pushing buttons
   Emptying baskets/drawers and cabinets
   Splashing in the tub

 Having her diaper changed 
 Getting dressed
 Riding in the car (lately)

Got her 1st pair of stride right shoes! 
Walking while holding on to something
7th and 8th tooth coming through (soon I think)
Still sleeping 10-12 hours a night 
Saying many "words" (ball, cheese, cat, puff, barney, booty, Da-Da, More, shoes, up, baby (de-de), light, Ava (ehh), Elmo, done, book, rocky(when rocking the chair)
When asked what does the cat, tiger, bird, monkey, horse, sheep, train and bunny say/do she can answer with the correct sounds or "hop" for bunny!

She is SO observant and such a sponge! It is so fun to play with her and teach her things everyday! This is what I have dreamed of my whole life :) I am a very lucky Mommy.

It is very hard to believe that we will have a 1 year old next month! I am so excited for her big party and have already started planning...
Until next time I will leave you with some recent pictures. 

My Pretty Girl :)

Ava + her Papa=love

Watching her favorite baseball player :)

Ava's first hike

A little snooze! 

1st trip to Lake George

Reading with Daddy

Reading with Mommy

10 month picture! Look at those new shoes :)