Monday, November 19, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

November 19, 2012

Ava is almost 16 months old! I cannot even believe how fast she is growing. Here are some things that I feel are worth sharing about her right now and that I really want to write here since I cannot seem to keep up with a baby book.

  • She loves to sing and dance. I am so excited for her to be old enough to join a dance class or something
  • She is able to count to 5 (and do this when taking objects in and out of something)
  • She knows some colors (purple and red)
  • She is starting to want to "swim" during tubby time
  • Her vocabulary is expanding every day. Right now I am starting to teach her about Christmas and she is able to point out Ho Ho, wreaths, bells and trees when we are out. 
  • She is still a pretty good eater. Her favorites still include eggs, ravioli, grapes and cereal
  • She loves to look at pictures of family members and identify them 
  • She is able to point to and say (head, eyes, fingers, hands, knee, toe, ear, nose, mouth, teeth, and back)
  • She just started using a step stool to get up on furniture and is SO proud of herself
  • She loves to pretend play with dolls. She feeds them and puts them to sleep (it is SO cute)
  • She loves to ride in the bike seat and have daddy take her for a ride
  • She is starting to be VERY strong willed (has had a few tantrums)
  • She likes to be silly and make people laugh
  • She still does not like having her diaper changed or to get dressed
  • She is only nursing at bedtime
Here are some recent pictures of my lovey! 
What a difference a year makes! 

"Ride, Ride, Ride on a bicycle" That is what she sings the whole ride :) 

Playing with her friend Zade

Ava's first Mani....done by Papa :) 

Sleeping on a road trip to Rochester (well actually on the way home)

Meeting her new cousin Noah (Nono) 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life is so precious...and too short

There has been too many times and events over the last couple months that have made me stop and think about how lucky I am to be healthy and to have a beautiful healthy little family!

Ava is such a blessing and I am so grateful for her! She has a way of making me smile and feel proud even on my worst days. She is such a caring loving little girl and I can only hope that she stays that way forever. She amazes both Jeremy and I every day the way she takes everything in. She is a smart little girl to say the least.

Here are a few recent pictures of my "sunshine"

Such a lover! Even to Elmo
Ava and mommy making out silly faces :) 
My Pretty Girly
Silly girly! 
My Bumble bee on Halloween 
Such a clown!