Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ava turns 2 and other summer fun

July 30, 2013

 We had such an amazing day celebrating Ava and her 2nd birthday. We lucked out with the weather and were so happy that all of our favorite people could be there. Here are some pictures of the day and some other pictures of things we did this summer. 

The yummy desserts 

The food table

Ava in the reading corner

Friends playing at the bubble stations

Checking out the gifts :) 

Loving listening to everyone sing to her! 

Our family 

So proud to be 2! 

Zade, Ava and Lauren 

Zadem Ava and Lexie

Ava and Grady

More Summer time fun

Ava with Daddy Uncle Joey and Noah

Many trips to Lowes to help Daddy build our awesome deck! 

Being a good listener at story time

The park in Saratoga with this awesome water feature

Adirondack Animal Land

Ava's'first pony ride

Fun in the pool 

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